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Greeting from the President of Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry.

   I was appointed as the president of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry (JSPD) from 1st August, 2019. I am deeply honored and humbled to be the 7th president. The JSPD was established in 1986 with the aim of "developing psychosomatic medical care in the dental field," and has reached 35 years this year. It was approved as a certified academic society by the Japanese Association for Dental Science in 2007, and was accredited under Japanese law in 2016. It has developed into the only academic society specializing in psychosomatic medicine in the field of dentistry. The main functions currently being carried out are:

(1) Academic meetings

(2) Issue of a journal

(3) Educational workshop

(4) Certified doctor system

   Academics and education are more likely to be emphasized in scientific societies. However, our society focuses on treatment of the patients suffering from psychosomatic dental problems as stated in the articles of incorporation, "To develop psychosomatic dentistry". I believe that contributing to the treatment of patients suffering from psychosomatic dental problems is the fastest way to improve our society's advancement in social status.

  Our society has not been working on activities and exchanges in the international community so far. As far as I know, almost no psychosomatic dental societies have been established worldwide with the exception of the Korean Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry, which was established a couple of years ago. I would like to facilitate the international collaboration in psychosomatic dentistry.

  Our members belong to various specialties such as oral surgery, oral medicine, prosthodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and clinical psychology. It is a great benefit for our society that each expert can share the way of his or her thinking about psychosomatic dentistry. I am doing my best to make JSPD more popular in society by taking advantage of this great benefit.

Thank you for your cooperation.


President of the JSPD

Yoshihiro Abiko B.A.,D.D.S.,Ph.D.

Professor and Director;

Division of Oral Medicine and Pathology

School of Dentistry

Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, Hokkaido, 061-0293, Japan


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