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Introduction of The Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry

  The Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Dentistry (JSPD) was established in 1986, and has contributed to the promotion of social enlightenment, scientific research, and education in psychosomatic dentistry. It was approved as a certified academic society by the Japanese Association for Dental Science in 2007, and was accredited under Japanese law in 2016. The social credentials of the JSPD have increased greatly over the past few years. The current membership of the organization is approximately 500. The members include faculty from various dental schools, psychiatrists, and general dental practitioners. The faculty members belong to various dental specialties, such as oral surgery, oral medicine, prosthodontics, and orthodontics. We have a certified doctor system established in 2007, wherein over 70 members have been certified as approved doctors, and over 50 members have been certified as advisory doctors. Most of these certified doctors are dentists, and see patients suffering from psychosomatic dental problems such as burning mouth syndrome, atypical odontalgia, occlusal discomfort syndrome and so on.

  Our main academic activities are annual academic conferences, periodic educational workshops, and a semi-yearly issued journal. The annual conference has been held 35 times. Out of 35 times, 4 joint conferences with other academic societies have been held. The academic societies include the Japanese society of psychosomatic medicine (PM), woman PM, Pediatric PM, Dermatological PM, TMJ, Orofacial Pain and Oral Malodor. Our official journal is “Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Oral Medicine”. Most of the articles are written in Japanese with English abstracts, though some are written in English.

  Any academics from foreign countries are welcome to join in our society. We welcome international collaboration.

Contact information:

      Liaison director, Professor Katsuyuki Kozai


      President, Professor Yoshihiro Abiko


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